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Michelle’s classes are geared for all levels. Encouraging a beginner’s mind, focus on breath, safe alignment and modifications, while keeping a playful and curious spirit.

Please see below for class descriptions and schedule information.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a vibrant and intuitive style of yoga in which a series of flowing, conscious movements are connected seamlessly by breath. This style is aimed to generate heat, detoxify, strengthen, stretch and balance the body and mind. No class will be exactly the same, making each class challenging, creative and meditative. By the end of a session, you will feel as though you have just given yourself a massage from the inside out.


Revitalizing and restorative for your body, this beginner friendly class combines the basics of a physical asana practice and breathing techniques to help improve alignment, flexibility, balance and strength. This is a slower paced class, which encourages the use of awareness and mindfulness to help ease the body into postures in way that works with existing injuries and prevent future injuries.


Focusing on release of the deeper connective tissue surrounding the hips and lower spine through seated or supine postures, this style of yoga is truly calming. Poses are held in a relaxed position for longer periods of time with the aim of increasing overall circulation and improving flexibility.

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